Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

The handsome Fabian Koelmel from TUSH magazine. Love that jumper! It makes me think of long country walks in the winter, open log fires, mugs of hot chocolate, warm fruit mince pies....


  1. Love that what I call a sweater/cardi(gan), you call a jumper! :)

    P.S. Those glasses are p.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l.


  2. BB- Fabian will be most happy to hear you like his glasses!!!
    p.s. When I was in the States (I didn't know you lived in Utah!) I purchased some of that Sure deodorant on your recommendation- and I am loving it :) Wish I had of stocked up on more while I was there....On the subject of chemists, Duane Reade is an excellent chemist in NYC, I could have spent hours just browsing the aisles looking for goodies you can't buy here in London.

  3. Cardi/jumper/sweater reminds me of snow on evergreen mountainsides.

  4. Thankyou BB! @ Vanessa: you're right, I'm happy BB likes that look. btw, the glasses are topshop, 15 pounds.

  5. Loveee his shoes :)

  6. Hallo Fabian,
    ist ein bisschen verrückt meine Meldung hier, wir waren gemeinsam auf der Schule. Ich bin Sebastian. Meinste wir können mal irgendwo, irgendwie kommunizieren, ich hab da mal ne Frage an dich.
    Gruß Sebastian
    P.S.: Hab dich for X Jahren mal in ner Fit for Fun gesehen, hab mich nicht gewundert, dass was richtig gutes aus dir geworden ist :-)